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Dynamic few-view x-ray imaging for inspection of CAD-based objects

Alice Presenti (1), Jan Sijbers (1), Jan De Beenhouwer (1)
Expert Systems With Applications, 180, April 2021. DOI: 10.1016/j.eswa.2021.115012


Few-view inspection; CAD; Dynamic acquisition; Visibility angles; Pose estimation


X-ray 3D Computed Tomography (3DCT) has great potential for inspection of industrial products. Unfortunately, conventional CT-based workflows to inspect objects created from a CAD model involve a time-consuming acquisition process, computationally expensive image reconstruction, and multiple postprocessing steps, preventing them from inline usage. In this paper, we propose DynaPose, a fast and yet accurate workflow for 3D X-ray inspection of objects created from a CAD model. By exploiting prior knowledge of the CAD model, and relying on only very few radiographs, inspection can be performed in real-time. The DynaPose method allows automated 3D pose estimation of the object to be inspected while dynamically acquiring radiographs that are optimal for the detection task. Through simulation and real experiments, we show that our approach paves the way for inline inspection of manufactured objects.

How Our Software Was Used

Dragonfly was used to post-process a 3D volume, in order to extract a triangular mesh.

Author Affiliation

(1) imec-VisionLab, Dept. of Physics, University of Antwerp (CDE), Universiteitsplein 1, Building N, B-2610 Antwerp, Belgium.

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