Licensing FAQs

Answers to common questions about Dragonfly licensing…


Find answers to common questions about Dragonfly product licensing, such as the distinction between non-commercial and commercial users, trial version limitations, and maintenance plans.

Who Can Use Dragonfly Free-of-Charge?

Dragonfly is available free-of-charge for non-commercial users. These users are typically researchers working in not-for-profit organizations, academics, and students. Find out more about our Non-Commercial Licensing Program.

Commercial users pay a license fee, which helps us to continually improve Dragonfly and keep it free for non-commercial users. Contact us if you are not sure whether your anticipated use is commercial or non-commercial.

What Are the Limitations of the Trial Version?

Trial versions provide access to all Dragonfly included features. A 30-day time limit starts at first launch.

How Do I Convert the Trial Version to the Full Version?

Commercial users need to purchase a commercial license, while non-commercial users must request a non-commercial license to lift all restrictions from the software.

Can I Transfer My License to Another Computer?

Yes. However, you must first uninstall the currently licensed version of Dragonfly. You will then be able to transfer your software license to a new computer.

What is a Maintenance Plan?

Maintenance plans include free upgrades and updates, as well as technical support for the duration of the maintenance plan. Learn more about our Maintenance Plans.

Can I Get Technical Support Without a Maintenance Plan?

Customers without a maintenance plan can get technical support by purchasing a single inquiry. However, there are many benefits to having a maintenance plan. Find out what's included in our Maintenance Plans.