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Introducing Dragonfly VizServer - New Freedom in Scientific Imaging

Presented by Mike Marsh, Ph.D.
April 13, 2022

This webinar introduces Dragonfly VizServer, which provides simple and productive remote-access scientific visualization from anywhere, at anytime.

What's New in Dragonfly 2021.3

Presented by Mike Marsh, Ph.D. and Nicolas Piché, Ph.D.
September 8, 2021

This webinar unveils the new features and updates available in our latest Dragonfly update. New features for Dragonfly 2021.3 include non-planar projection viewing, acceleration of training for deep learning models, numerous visualization enhancements, and the introduction of visual feedback and checkpoint caches for training semantic segmentation deep learning models. There are dozens of other updates as well.

Ceramics, CMCs, and Porous Media

Presented by Object Research Systems (ORS) Inc.
January 28, 2020

This video demonstrates how Dragonfly makes the micro-structure analysis of ceramics, ceramic matrix composites (CMCs), and porous media easy. Used in the research, development, and quality testing of ceramics and CMCs, Dragonfly provides the ideal framework for correlating micro-structure and composition by identifying phases and analyzing properties. Dragonfly's unmatched rendering capabilities then provide detailed visualizations that can be presented in illustrated reports or with easy-to-produce high-quality animated sequences.

The Next Era of Image Processing is Here

Presented by Object Research Systems (ORS) Inc.
August 9, 2019

Featuring the next generation 3D renderer for Dragonfly 2020, this demo video showcases results obtained with the Dragonfly's Deep Learning and Segmentation Trainer tools. All of the video sequences were created and rendered with Dragonfly's MovieMaker.

Image Processing is NOT What You Want to Do: Toward Automatic Image Analysis

Presented by Mike Marsh, Ph.D, and Nicolas Piché, Ph.D.
May 12, 2020

The main topics in this webinar recorded during the CCEM Image Processing Techniques for Electron Microscopy Data Workshop include: the basics of image processing, as well as filtering techniques and denoising for STEM and TEM images; EELS data processing using HyperSpy; and FIB/TEM data 3D reconstructions using Dragonfly.

Introducing Dragonfly Cloud

Presented by Mike Marsh, Dragonfly Product Manager
March 27, 2020

Topics in this webinar include the pros and cons of cloud computing, as well as the system requirements and accessibility. Additional information includes how to get setup for cloud computing, how to run Dragonfly in the cloud, and how upload your data into the cloud. The webinar is followed by questions and answers with Dragonfly users.

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