Dragonfly Cloud

Flexible and reliable deployment of Dragonfly from anywhere at anytime…


Run Dragonfly on the best hardware for your imaging needs… even when those needs change daily.

Welcome to Dragonfly Cloud

  • Full Dragonfly experience, accessible from any browser on any computer with no compromise on features.
  • Unchain yourself from laboratory workstations by running Dragonfly from anywhere at anytime.
  • Save money compared to purchasing expensive hardware.
  • Pay-as-you-go means only paying for the time you actually need.
  • Uses already existing cloud infrastructure.

Dragonfly Cloud Advantages

Traditional computing requires investments in hardware and software. Organizations are forced to choose the appropriate hardware to purchase, and then to maintain it for its usable lifetime. Likewise, they must choose what software to purchase and install to make their team productive.

With Cloud computing, things change for the hardware investment. Organizations are not forced to make long-term equipment choices with expensive price tags. Instead, they can choose pay-as-you-go computing that confers unprecedented flexibility. Users can execute compute-intensive tasks on high-performance computers with economical hourly rates instead of incurring the large capital outlay of acquiring and maintaining those high-performance computers. Then users fall back to cheaper pay-as-you-go solutions for routine tasks. That is flexibility.

Computing needs can change and they can change quickly. Teams grow and shrink. Priorities change. With those changes workers need more or less computer time. With Cloud computing, users can get the compute capacity they need when they need it. The Cloud solution extends to meet your needs, even when they change hourly. That is elasticity.

With the Dragonfly Cloud extension, you can take your investment in a Dragonfly license and experience flexible, elastic cloud computing. Your software investment has never been more valuable. Unleash your team on Dragonfly Cloud and experience the productivity gains of cloud computing today.

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Comparison of Dragonfly Workstation versus Dragonfly Cloud

  Dragonfly Workstation Dragonfly Cloud
Number of users 1 Elastic
Performance Fixed Flexible
Hardware costs Department budget Pay-as-you-go
Maintenance costs
(hardware & software upgrades, network maintenance, software installation)
IT budget Pay-as-you-go

Dragonfly Cloud FAQs

Is image quality the same as on a local computer?

Yes. Contact us to arrange a demo of Dragonfly Cloud.

Are there any latency issues? How quick do actions or redraws occur?

Most users report little or more discernible difference when working on the cloud compared to local workstations.

Is cloud computing just through Amazon or are there other services?

For now, Dragonfly Cloud can run on Amazon only. Support for other services, such as Google and Azure, will be available in the near future.

It can take hours to do some segmentation training on my local workstation. Will it be the same when processed on the cloud?

Dragonfly Cloud offers the option to choose the best hardware for your imaging needs. If you choose a better quality GPU for training on the cloud than on your workstation, you should notice an improvement in performance.

Is there any cost associated with generating (not downloading or uploading) data while processing on the cloud?

No. When Dragonfly is running, you pay for the total amount of allotted space. This means that data processed within that space would not be charged. Charges would be effective only if the data is saved to permanent storage.

Is there a breakdown of what analysis/filter methods are CPU vs GPU based, to help decide what type of instance to launch?

All filters are implemented on the CPU, while deep learning is GPU-based. In addition, you always need a GPU for visualization.

What protects the security of images and other data?

Data security is strictly between you and Amazon.

Can you have "guests" watching data handling/processing?


My facility uses a single node Dragonfly Pro license. Can we give our users the license information so that they can independently use Dragonfly Pro on the cloud?

Yes. You would need to buy the cloud extension and then share that license key, one user at a time.

What about academic licenses?

Non-commercial licenses holders need to be covered under a Maintenance and Service plan to upgrade to Dragonfly Cloud.

Is there an educational discount for Amazon cloud?

You should contact Amazon for this information.

Is pricing/licensing for VizServ the same as for the Dragonfly Cloud?

No. The VizServ has an annual fee and a different licensing model.

This is Dragonfly Cloud

Dragonfly Cloud

Typical Costs of Cloud Computing

The following use cases outline the costs you can expect to incur when running Dragonfly Cloud. You should note that these are payable to Amazon Web Services.

Single User
  • Usage time ($1.50/hr * 60 hr):
  • Data storage:
    • Operating system and software
      ($0.10/GB per month * 100 GB)
    • Data ($0.02/GB * 500 GB)
  • $20/month (recurring)
  • Data transfers:
    • Uploads to the cloud (free)
    • Downloads from the cloud
      ($0.10/GB * 400 GB)
  • $4/month

    TOTAL = $114/month


Multiple Users
  • Usage time ($1.50/hr * 60 hr * 4 users):
  • Data storage:
    • Operating system and software
      ($0.10/GB per month * 100 GB)
    • Data ($0.02/GB * 500 GB)
  • $20/month (recurring)
  • Data transfers:
    • Uploads to the cloud (free)
    • Downloads from the cloud
      ($0.10/GB * 400 GB)
  • $4/month

    TOTAL = $384/month

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