Deep Learning Requirements

The next era of image processing is here…


Is your system ready for Deep Learning?

Deep Learning requires a high-performance workstation to adequately handle high processing demands. Your system should meet or exceed the following requirements before you start working with Deep Learning:

  • Dedicated NVIDIA GPU graphics card with CUDA Compute Capability 3.5 or higher and at least 6 GB of VRAM.
    IMPORTANT NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30xx cards are supported for Deep Learning starting with Dragonfly version 2021.3. Earlier versions only support those cards for rendering, not for Deep Learning.
    NOTE All of our recommended GPUs have the required CUDA capability. You can also go to to check if your NVIDIA GPU is CUDA-capable.
  • 32+ GB of RAM (plan on having at least 4x as much RAM as the largest scans you need to process).
  • 2.4 GHz or faster Intel 4-core Xeon or i7 CPU (or AMD equivalent) with the AVX extension. Below is a list of both Intel and AMD CPUs that support AVX.
    • Intel
      • Sandy Bridge processor, 2011
      • Sandy Bridge E processor, 2011
      • Ivy Bridge processor, 2012
      • Ivy Bridge E processor, 2013
      • Haswell processor, 2013
      • Haswell E processor, 2014
      • Broadwell processor, 2014
      • Broadwell E processor, 2016
      • Skylake processor, 2015
      • Kaby Lake processor, 2016 (ULV mobile)/2017 (desktop/mobile)
      • Skylake-X processor, 2017
      • Coffee Lake processor, 2017
      • Cannon Lake (microarchitecture) processor, 2018
      • Cascade Lake processor, 2018
      • Ice Lake processor, 2018

      NOTE Not all CPUs from the listed families support AVX. Generally, CPUs with the commercial denomination "Core i3/i5/i7" support them, whereas "Pentium" and "Celeron" CPUs don't.

    • AMD
      • Jaguar-based processors and newer
      • Jaguar-based processors and newer
      • "Heavy Equipment" processors
        • Bulldozer-based processors, 2011
        • Piledriver-based processors, 2012
        • Steamroller-based processors, 2014
        • Excavator-based processors and newer, 2015
      • Zen-based processors, 2017
      • Zen+-based processors, 2018

      Issues regarding compatibility between future Intel and AMD processors are discussed under XOP instruction set.

  • 2+ TB of local hard disk storage.
Additional system recommendations to help you fully experience all the benefits of Dragonfly and Deep Learning are available in System Requirements.

While You Evaluate Deep Learning

Our sales and support teams will be available to answer any questions as you evaluate the Deep Learning tool for Dragonfly. In addition, we would be happy to arrange a demo for a more guided overview of the application, as well as discuss workflows and implementation best practices for you and your organization. Contact us for more information about Deep Learning.

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