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We're excited to announce the release of Dragonfly 4.1, which brings major enhancements and improvements to your image processing and analysis workflows.

Our latest product offering includes the full integration of OpenPNM, which provides a ready-made framework for performing pore network simulations, the capability to probe 2D and 3D neighborhoods and extract measurements, and new options for regions of interest, such as interfacial meshes, three-phase boundary extraction, anisotropy computations, and smoothing.

Other highlights include a Model Evaluation tool for Deep Learning, a beta version of Dragonfly's Graph Analysis tool, additional image filters for removing inter-image discontinuities and ring artifacts, and a new exclusive mode for editing regions of interest.

Learn more about all of the new features and product enhancements for Dragonfly 4.1 in the release notes below.

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Please don't hesitate to contact us with feedback and ideas for future features and enhancements. We hope you enjoy our latest Dragonfly release!

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