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Micro-computed tomographic evaluation of single-cone obturation with three sealers

Sahar Zare (1), Ivy Shen (1), Qiang Zhu (2), Chul Ahn (3), Carolyn Primus (4), Takashi Komabayashi (1)
Restorative Dentistry and Endodontics, 46, Issue 2, April 2021. DOI: 10.5395/rde.2021.46.e25


Endodontic sealer; X-ray Micro-CT; Tricalcium silicate; Epoxy resin; S-PRG prototype sealer


Objectives : This study used micro-computed tomography (µCT) to compare voids and interfaces in single-cone obturation among AH Plus, EndoSequence BC, and prototype surface pre-reacted glass ionomer (S-PRG) sealers and to determine the percentage of sealer contact at the dentin and gutta-percha (GP) interfaces. Results : The volumes of GP, sealer, and voids were measured in the region of 0–2, 2–4, 4–6, and 6–8 mm from the apex, using image analysis of sagittal µCT scans. GP volume percentages were: AH Plus (75.5%), EndoSequence BC (87.3%), and prototype S-PRG (94.4%). Sealer volume percentages were less: AH Plus (14.3%), EndoSequence BC (6.8%), and prototype S-PRG (4.6%). Void percentages were AH Plus (10.1%), EndoSequence BC (5.9%), and prototype S-PRG (1.0%). Dentin-sealer contact ratios of AH Plus, EndoSequence BC, and prototype S-PRG groups were 82.4% ± 6.8%, 71.6% ± 25.3%, and 70.2% ± 9.4%, respectively. GP-sealer contact ratios of AH Plus, EndoSequence BC, and prototype S-PRG groups were 65.6% ± 29.1%, 80.7% ± 25.8%, and 87.0% ± 8.6%, respectively. Conclusions : Prototype S-PRG sealer created a low-void obturation, similar to EndoSequence BC sealer with similar dentin-sealer contact (> 70%) and GP-sealer contact (> 80%). Prototype S-PRG sealer presented comparable filling quality to EndoSequence BC sealer.

How Our Software Was Used

Dragonfly was used for image segmentation.

Author Affiliation

(1) University of New England College of Dental Medicine, Portland, ME, USA.
(2) Division of Endodontology, University of Connecticut School of Dental Medicine, Farmington, CT, USA.
(3) Department of Clinical Sciences, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, TX, USA.
(4) Augusta University Dental College of Georgia, Augusta, GA, USA.

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