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Steps toward automated deprocessing of integrated circuits

E.L. Principe (1), Navid Asadizanjani (2), Domenic Forte (2), Mark Tehranipoor (2), Robert Chivas (3), Michael DiBattista (3), Scott Silverman (3), Mike Marsh (4), Nicolas Piche (4), John Mastovich (5)
ISTFATM 2017: Proceedings from the 43rd International Symposium for Testing and Failure Analysis, December 2017


Plasma FIB, Deprocessing, Integrated circuits, Computationally guided miscroscopy, Tomography, Delayering


Deprocessing of ICs historically employs a variety of mechanical and chemical process tools in combination with one or more imaging modalities to reconstruct the IC architecture. In this work, we explore the development of an extensible programmatic workflow which can take advantage of evolving technologies in 2D/3D imaging, distributed instrument control, image processing, as well as automated mechanical/chemical deprocessing technology.

How Our Software Was Used

Using Dragonfly as the display and visualization engine and Dragonfly Python API linked with the API control of the FIB-SEM and microanalysis platform, it is possible to combine the x-ray tomography and microanalysis data to define a volume envelope encompassing the package and die. Custom control modules and GUI control interfaces may be defined and operated directly within the ORS interface.

Author Affiliation

(1) Synchrotron Research, Inc., Melbourne Beach, Florida.
(2) Florida Institute for Cybersecurity, University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida.
(3) Varioscale Inc., San Marcos, California.
(4) Object Research Systems, Montreal, Canada.
(5) Bruker, AXS Inc., Madison, WI, USA.

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