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Method and apparatus for a pin apparatus

Tyler D. Witt (1), Austen Davenport (1)
United States Patent, November 2017


Patient-specific, Acetabular guide, Implant, Joint replacement, Reaming device, Alignment guide, Guide pin


An acetabular guide system for placing a guide pin near an acetabulum, includes a patient specific acetabular guide including an interior surface and an exterior surface, the exterior surface being configured to have a geometry to register within the acetabulum of a specific patient, a first drill insert configured to be received by the guide at a first location, the first drill insert having a first longitudinal bore configured to be received concentrically in a guide bore of the guide, the guide bore extending exterior to the interior surface, a second drill insert configured to be fixed to a boney portion exterior to the acetabulum at a second location a predetermined distance from the first location, the second drill insert forming a second longitudinal bore, and a selectively removable alignment pin configured to be received by at least one of the first longitudinal bore and the second longitudinal bore.

How Our Software Was Used

Dragonfly was used for computer modeling to obtain three-dimensional computer images of the patient's anatomy. Design of patient-specific implants and associated tools, including, for example, alignment guides, cutting/milling/reaming/broaching or other tools for the surgical preparation of the joint.

Author Affiliation

(1) Biomet Manufacturing LLC, Warsaw, IN (US)

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