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Humeral trial and implant assembly and method of use

Nicholas Muir (1), Nathan A. Winslow (1)
United States Patent


Patient-specific, Shoulder arthroplasty, Implant, Shoulder joint replacement, Reaming device, Alignment guide, Humeral, Bone preparation guide


A humeral trial and implant assembly for use in total shoulder arthroplasty is provided along with a method for using the same. The humeral trial and implant assembly includes a humeral fixation component, an adapter assembly, a humeral trial, a humeral implant, and a positioning guide. The humeral trial is coupled to the adapter assembly when the humeral trial and implant assembly is assembled in a trialing configuration. The humeral implant is coupled to the adapter assembly when the humeral trial and implant assembly is assembled in an installed configuration. A temporary connection releasably couples the humeral trial to the adapter assembly and provides separation of the humeral trial and the adapter assembly without requiring disassembly of the adapter assembly. A permanent connection fixedly couples the humeral implant to the adapter assembly. The temporary connection may be a magnetic connection.

How Our Software Was Used

Dragonfly was used for computer modeling to obtain three-dimensional computer images of the patient's anatomy. Design of patient-specific implants and associated tools, including, for example, alignment guides, cutting/milling/reaming/broaching or other tools for the surgical preparation of the joint.

Author Affiliation

(1) Biomet Manufacturing LLC, Warsaw, IN (US)

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