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The Next Era of Image Processing is Here

Presented by Object Research Systems (ORS) Inc.
August 9, 2019

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Featuring the next generation 3D renderer for Dragonfly 2020, this demo video showcases results obtained with the Dragonfly's Deep Learning and Segmentation Trainer tools. All of the video sequences were created and rendered with Dragonfly's MovieMaker.

  • Gothic wooden prayer bead dataset courtesy of the University of Western Ontario.
  • Carbide sample courtesy of Piotr Bala, AGH, UST.
  • Mixed wet carbonate sample courtesy of Imperial College London and downloaded from the Digital Rocks Portal.
  • Denim textile fibers sample courtesy of Rigaku.
  • Light bulb dataset courtesy of Nikon Metrology.
  • Mummy dataset courtesy of the University of Western Ontario.
  • Bone sample courtesy of TESCAN.
  • Pine needle dataset courtesy of Rigaku.
  • Retina cell dataset courtesy of Christopher Bleck, NIH.
  • KitKat chocolate bar sample courtesy of McGill IQBI.
  • Soybean dataset courtesy of Keith Duncan, Donald Danford Plant Science Center.

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