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Ceramics, CMCs, and Porous Media

Presented by Object Research Systems (ORS) Inc.
January 28, 2020

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Used in the research, development, and quality testing of ceramics and ceramic matrix composites (CMCs), Dragonfly provides the ideal framework for correlating micro-structure and composition by identifying phases and analyzing properties. Whether your data originates from microCT, FIB-SEM, SEM, or TEM systems, Dragonfly's robust image processing routines for shading correction, noise suppression, contour enhancement, and object alignment combine with intuitive analysis workflows to provide quantifications of graimicrostructuren sizes, pores and particles, volume distribution, and layer thickness. Dragonfly's unmatched rendering capabilities then provide detailed visualizations that can be presented in illustrated reports or with easy-to-produce high-quality animated sequences.

Solid oxide fuel cell dataset courtesy of Aaron Stebner, Colorado School of Mines.

Ceramic matrix composite dataset courtesy of Aly Badran, University of Colorado.

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