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NVIDIA drivers cause crash or error

Some GeForce drivers can cause a wide range of serious issues with Dragonfly, including an application crash. If you have an NVIDIA graphics card, you should avoid installing the drivers listed in the table below.

It’s highly recommended that if you run into any driver-related issues with Dragonfly that you uninstall your NVIDIA GeForce drivers in Windows safe mode and then roll back to any 385.xx version release.

NVIDIA driver version (release date) OpenGL version
387.92 (2017-10-09) 4.6.0
388.00 (2017-10-23) 4.6.0
388.13 (2017-10-30) 4.6.0
388.31 (2017-11-15) 4.6.0

NOTE Internal testing was conducted with a GeForce GTX 980/PCIe/SSE2 graphics card. No problems were reported for NVIDIA driver versions 3.85.41 and 3.85.69.

Using Remote Desktop to access Dragonfly

Although many applications (TeamViewer, Chrome Remote Desktop, SplashUp, LogMeIn, WebEx, GoToMeeting) that allow you to remotely control another computer work well with Dragonfly, some problems have been reported for Remote Desktop. In particular, Dragonfly will not be able to access the graphics hardware if a Remote Desktop session is currently active.

If you plan to connect to your system with Remote Desktop, you must start Dragonfly before initiating a Remote Desktop session.

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