Segmentation Wizard Interface

Dragonfly’s Segmentation Wizard provides an easy-to-use, guided workflow for implementing powerful deep learning and classical machine learning segmentation of multi-dimensional images. Just some of the many key features and benefits of the Segmentation Wizard are listed below.

Right-click the image data you need to segment in the Data Properties and Settings panel and then choose Segmentation Wizard in the pop-up menu to open the Segmentation Wizard context, shown below. The workspace includes a large view area in which you can label the voxels within a frame and preview model predictions, as well as a panel on the right sidebar that includes the Input, Models, and Settings tabs. Tools to adjust views and label classes are available on the panels on the left sidebar.

Segmentation Wizard interface

Segmentation Wizard window

A. Tools panels B. Workspace views C. Segmentation Wizard panel