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3D visualization solutions for processing, visualizing, and analyzing scientific and medical image data

Our partners rely on our products to extract the most value from their imaging system investments, to solve complex industrial and research problems, and to address medical imaging challenges.

All of our products leverage a state-of-the-art software architecture that allows for extensible workflows that result in sophisticated 3D visualizations and comprehensive analyses.


State-of-the-art features at a cost effective price for research and industrial applications

With the ability to seamlessly handle the large datasets typically produced by CT, micro-CT, multi-modality imaging, microscopy and other systems, Dragonfly delivers state-of-the-art volume rendering and advanced analysis functions once restricted to costly high-end workstations.

Designed for researchers and engineers in the fields of material and life sciences, geology, nanotechnology, and the environment, Dragonfly provides qualitative and quantitative data for material characterization, surface analysis, process evaluation, quality control testing, or any analysis function that requires a high-degree of accuracy. Dragonfly is distributed with the high-end imaging products of renowned manufacturers such as Carl Zeiss Microscopy and TESCAN.

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ORS Visual

A vital component of the modern healthcare enterprise

By combining an intuitive multilingual interface modeled on the clinical workflow with real-time volumetric visualization, ORS Visual seamlessly provides rapid, multi-user access to medical image data derived from CT, MR, ultrasound, and other modalities throughout healthcare facilities.

ORS Visual also addresses the needs of specialists through add-on modules such as Vessel Analysis, which enables the identification and evaluation of pathology related to vascular disease, and Autoplaque, which facilitates the characterization and quantification of plaque in coronary arteries.

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