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Preservation of protein fluorescence in embedded human dendritic cells for targeted 3D light and electron microscopy

K. Höhn(1), J. Fuchs(2), A. Fröber(2), R. Kirmse(3), B. Glass(1), M. Anders-Össwein(1), P. Walther(4), H.-G. Kräusslich(1) and C. Dietrich(2).
Journal of Microscopy. doi: 10.1111/jmi.12230.

Publication Date

First published online 18 March 2015.

How ORS Visual Was Used

3D maximum intensity projection with combined segmentation was performed using ORS Visual SI.


confocal laser scanning microscopy
correlative light and electron microscopy
fluorescence preservation of embedded samples
focused ion beam
targeted FIB

Author Information

(1) Department of Infectious Diseases, Virology, University Hospital Heidelberg, Heidelberg, Germany
(2) Carl Zeiss AG, Oberkochen, Germany
(3) Carl Zeiss Microscopy GmbH, Jena, Germany
(4) Electron Microscopy Facility, Ulm University, Ulm, Germany

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