Denver, Colorado. October 22, 2019.

Dragonfly is the Premier Software Platform for Scientific Image Processing

Powerful, flexible, and user-friendly, Dragonfly delivers quantitative answers for today's most demanding 2D/3D/4D imaging studies, including data from correlative and hyperspectral imaging systems, x-ray, EM, confocal microscopy, and other advanced applications.

  • Available for both Windows and Linux
  • Visualization and Inspection
  • Image Processing
  • Image Segmentation and Quantitative Analysis
  • Deep Learning
  • Animation
  • Infinite Customization and App Store
  • Review all the benefits of Dragonfly…

Deep Learning Engine

Dragonfly with Deep Learning is a transformative solution for image processing. Experience the only commercially-supported Deep Learning engine that lets you train and execute custom networks to meet your own unique image enhancement and image segmentation needs. Say goodbye to painstaking image segmentation and endless filter tuning.

Application Specific Extensions

Choose from a library of extensions tailored to your particular scientific imaging application.

Infinite Customization and App Store

Dragonfly's 3D analysis workflows can be customized with Python or extended with add-ons from the Infinite Toolbox that implement specific tasks and workflows to suit your research objectives.

* Restrictions apply in some geographic territories.