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ORS is managed by a team of highly dedicated professionals, including executive-level managers from industry, leading imaging and applied physics specialists, and information technology experts.

Jeremy Simon

Jeremy Simon

General Manager

Jeremy Simon has been a corporate leader over a 25-year career that has served both the medical and industrial technology sectors. By helping start-ups and established corporations generate new innovations, at times in concert, Mr. Simon has gained vast experience in global market development. He has managed the growth process of established businesses as well as corporate M&A/Venture Capital transactions, and has a successful track record developing winning product strategies while working effectively with channel partners and customers.

Normand Mongeau

Normand Mongeau

Project Lead

Normand Mongeau is a senior technology and software development leader with a record of success in product development, software architecture, and technical and operations management. As Team Leader, Mr. Mongeau is responsible for overseeing all deployment and integration activities for the company's core imaging platform and ensuring that all developed products conform to the company's high standards.

Mr. Mongeau has worked in software development since 1986 and has taken part in several large projects. He was lead developer and support manager at Epix Inc. for the SAGE software, a preventive maintenance application with installations at more than 200 sites, and was an active member of the LGS team that developed an application to read Hydro-Quebec meters. After focusing on object-oriented programming, he took part in developing the Mystral application for Proxima Systems Ltd.

Nicolas Piché

Nicolas Piché, Ph.D.

Research & Development Lead

Nicolas Piché brings more than 25 years of industry and academic leadership experience to this executive in Research and Development. He was instrumental in the development of the company's core imaging platforms and currently leads the research team that is translating the promise of deep learning into transformative solutions for imaging applications. Prior to co-founding ORS, Dr. Piché held senior positions in prominent North American and European technology companies and has authored papers within the field of image processing, microanalysis, deep learning, and medical imaging. Dr. Piché earned his Ph.D. at the École Polytechnique de Montréal.

Eric Fournier

Eric Fournier, M.Sc.

Technology Lead

With a demonstrated track record of providing leadership in the demanding field of medical and scientific visualization, Eric Fournier is responsible for implementing technology strategies to ensure the continued success of the company's products. Mr. Fournier is recognized for motivating teams, meeting or exceeding operational metrics and deliverables, and providing world-class value.

Mr. Fournier holds a master’s degree in fluid dynamics simulation and has created several applications for fluid simulation and scientific visualization. In addition to developing 3D engines and visualization tools, he also supervised the development of a commercial physics engine and an artificial intelligence module based on neural networks. The PC game company he founded in 2000 was nominated for the best technological innovation at the MIM 2001.

Mike Marsh

Mike Marsh, Ph.D.

Director of Product Management

Mike Marsh earned his Ph.D. in Structural and Computational Biology from the Baylor College of Medicine. He has worked in imaging technology and solutions, with an emphasis on 3D visualization and analysis, for over 15 years. His academic training was in biological sciences, but he has been tasked to develop other areas of expertise for commercial development, including materials sciences and geosciences. This expertise has led to contributed book chapters, review articles, and invited talks spanning these multiple disciplines. His scientific imaging and image processing covers X-ray CT, TEM, SEM and SEM-related microanalysis. For the last four years, Dr. Marsh has worked as the Dragonfly Product Manager at Object Research Systems.

Benjamin Provencher

Benjamin Provencher, M.Sc.

Artificial Intelligence Lead Scientist

Benjamin Provencher holds a master's degree in bioinformatics from the Université de Montréal. During his graduate studies, he focused on de novo identification of repeat sequence in genomic data. Upon completing his degree, he worked for the National Research Council of Canada where he developed plug-ins for the medical imaging application ORS Visual. Mr. Provencher currently oversees the development of the machine learning and deep learning technology for ORS, which is an integral part of the Dragonfly platform. Mr. Provencher joined the company in January 2010.

Mathieu Gendron

Mathieu Gendron, Ph.D.

Research Scientist and Senior Software Developer

Mathieu Gendron holds a doctorate degree in biomedical engineering, where his research was conducted on detection of breast cancer with a novel acousto-electric interaction imaging technique. He also holds a bachelor degree in physics engineering from the École Polytechnique de Montréal and participated in a student exchange for a year at the EPFL (Switzerland).

His interests covers software architecture, building advanced debugging tools, building imaging phantoms (simulated images used for development, debugging and quality control), developing and maintaining the developer documentation, providing training to developers, and developing animations for scientific vulgarisation. Dr. Gendron joined the company in 2013 as an NSERC industrial R&C fellowship.

Eric Yen

Eric Yen, Ph.D.

Solutions Architect

Eric Yen holds a Ph.D. in computational biology from McGill University, which focused on the development of new tools to better understand protein structure-function relationships. His research has also centered on leveraging high-performance computing to rapidly process big data and to develop novel hypothesis-generating simulations. Dr. Yen joined ORS in September 2016, where his interdisciplinary training and expertise in cell biology, biophysics, and programming have helped solve technical challenges in scientific and industrial imaging.

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