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Software Training

Master the features of Dragonfly and its extensive library of specialized add-ons with one of our training programs. Combining in-depth instruction with class exercises, our product specialists will quickly teach you how to use key Dragonfly features and functions to optimize your image visualization and analysis tasks.

  • General web-based/on-site training for Dragonfly, using standard training data.
  • Custom web-based/on-site training for Dragonfly, using customer data with lessons tailored to specific objectives.


As a leading provider of advanced visualization solutions, we know that workflow efficiency plays a key role in meeting research and project goals.

Our solutions are scalable, so you can add or reconfigure your solution as your organization grows and changes. As you launch your new solution, our consultants can help you to increase adoption rates, recommend improvements to your facility's workflow, and help you to maximize your investment.

  • Workflow solutions for image processing, analysis, or visualization to accomplish your research or process objectives.
  • Automation solutions for batch image data processing, analysis, or visualization by using custom macros.

Processing and Analysis Services

Let our team of experts do the heavy lifting and get the results you need to meet your research and project goals.

  • Full processing, analysis, and visualization of scientific image data according to your detailed requirements.
  • Training of neural networks with your data for a customized Deep Learning solution.

* NDA will be signed to fully protect customer IP.

Custom Software Development

Our development team can incorporate your subject-matter expertise and proprietary processes with the power of our code base of advanced visualization and analysis routines to deliver cutting-edge functionality for 3D visualization, object recognition, machine learning, and others.

Our Agile development process, along with our expertise in software engineering and image processing, result in high-quality solutions that are reliable, easy to use, and deliver groundbreaking functionality. Our process keeps projects on track and software that meets your needs. To get a clear idea of your project's scope and feasibility, we listen to your scenarios and look at any sample images you can provide to get a better understanding of your use-cases.

  • Develop new menu items, plug-ins, measurements, or user interfaces for your application needs.
  • We listen to your scenarios and look at any sample images you can provide to get a better understanding of your use-cases.
  • We can take responsibility for your entire software development needs, or work as an extension of your team.

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